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Sommeliers Bordeaux Grand Cru BRB - Black Series Collector's Edition

Sommeliers Bordeaux Grand Cru BRB - Black Series Collector's Edition

Black Series Collector‘s Edition
The world’s first wine friendly glass line presents itself in a new attire. 40 years later out of the Kufstein factory, which is the original birthplace of the Sommeliers collection; the sons of the original glass makers are carrying out the Sommeliers Black Series. Black, non-transparent, fine crystal, and blown into shape using the original molds, the Black Series celebrates this remarkable anniversary. Fine crystal turns black, by adding Cobalt and Manganese to the composition. For the trained and experienced glass maker to blow the bowl and pull the stem of such a glass, is an additional challenge as this composition cools and hardens much faster than clear crystal. To raise the bar of glass making further, the stem of Sommeliers “R” Black Series was upgraded by adding a fine red glass string which is jacketed in clear crystal. Sommeliers Black Series can be used as a drinking vessel but is primarily considered as an object of beauty gracing the homes of wine collectors.

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Height: 282mm

Volume: 860ccm

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