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Nachtmann Highland Whiskey Set of 5

Nachtmann Highland Whiskey Set of 5

Set cconsits of:
Height: 244 mm
Largest Ø: 99 mm
Capacity: 750 mm
2) 4X TUMBLER with mixed cut
Height: 10 mm
Largest Ø: 82 mm
Capacity: 345 mm

HIGHLAND tumblers and longdrink glasses are perfect for fine whiskies, cocktails, juices and soft drinks and are a true expression of lifestyle. Classical and yet distinctive in design, they are the perfect way in which to enjoy drinks with friends and good company. These high-quality, stylish glasses add a touch of luxury and sparkle to your home bar or table-setting. Coming in a traditional design and made of crystal glass the whisky decanter HIGHLAND is probably the most stylish alternative to store Single Malts or Blends. Besides this, the decanter has its practical sides: it is large enough to fit the content of a typical whisky bottle and further has a perfect seal. What a beautiful way to serve Whisky!

Ideal for following grapes:


Box Quantity: 5



Height: n/a

Volume: n/a


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